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The Vapor Studio now has two brick and mortar locations, eight e-juice lines, twenty-five full time employees, and distributes to 1,000 vape shops. The Vapor Studio’s dedicated team is prepared to help assist any customer who purchases our e-juice. We help you promote not only our products but your shop as well. With hard work, enthusiasm, and a positive outlook we are always here to support our customers.

Quality is never an accident

01. Quality Control

Quality starts at the beginning. Using industry leading material suppliers in all areas of product design we fulfill our quality promise to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and customers alike. Layered on top of that we have built quality systems and processes to ensure that our product is what your customers deserve… the best.


02. Ingredients

Our products consist of only USP quality VG/PG, GRAS flavorings and industry leading 99.9% pure USP grade nicotine.


03. Systems

Our products are made using platform systems that include elements of quality and fulfillment. Starting at material ordering, to making, and all the way through to shipping.

04. Controls

We stand behind our products and your customer’s satisfaction. Quality checks, redundancies , and approvals allow us that confidence.

05. Accountability

According to 21 CFR Part 111, master batch and control records are a key component of Good Manufacturing Practices. How do you control batches and their records? Lot numbers. Which is why The Vapor Studio has gone above and beyond current industry practice when making our products.

06. Compliance

We work hard to make sure everything we make is compliant. From child resistant caps to required warning labels. General Certificate of Compliance (GCC) are updated and available every month.



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Our products consist of only USP quality VG/PG, GRAS flavorings and industry leading 99.9% pure USP grade nicotine.

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We distribute to over 800 shops in the United States

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Our brands are fully compliant and only use the highest quality ingredients